A breakdown of what it takes to build socially responsible AI

The first generation of AI has picked up on human biases. Among many disturbing cases of biased AI systems resulting in discriminatory outcomes, the most heart-breaking ones were cases involving unfair elongation of prison sentence, unfair credit card decision, and home appraisal outcomes. So, how does bias get into AI systems?

There are two broad reasons:

  1. Minimal consideration to human-centric design: Up until 2010, AI systems were notoriously difficult to build. Most of the focus of first-generation AI systems was on the engineering aspects - getting an AI proof of concept working and scaling in production. (This is still a…

A Micro Frontend Approach to a Framework Agnostic Modular UI Architecture

A brief journey into the fast-changing web development world…

Over the last decade, AngularJS has been something of the “new kid on the block”, replacing many of the weaknesses that came with jQuery-based web engineering solutions. Many enterprises were extremely happy building their cutting-edge web portals with AngularJS, and with the exponential growth of web businesses, AngularJS made many developers’ lives easier.

Everyone was happy in the web development world, but this happiness didn’t last long.

(Note: In this blog, AngularJS will be referred to as AngularJS and Angular 2 and above will be referred to as Angular. Angular was…

Mischella Felix-Jayachandran

Boston Consulting Group | Architect | Educator — Trained ~10,000 folks in person over lifetime| Happy Living Proponent | #crypto #AI #neuroscience #multi-cloud

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